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Your Appointment

Be sure to bring all your insurance cards on the day of your appointment. The physician’s billing office may be calling your insurance company a few days prior to your appointment to verify insurance information.

Please wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing and remove all jewelry prior to coming to the center. You will need to have a family member or responsible adult with you; both to drive you home following your procedure, and for the physician to talk with regarding the results of your tests (should you desire).

Our hours are Monday – Friday 7am to 4pm. The best time to reach our nursing staff is after noon.

If you are taking prescribed heart, blood pressure, seizure or respiratory medication, you may take them with a small sip of water. Otherwise you may not have anything to drink two (2) hours before your scheduled appointment. The nursing staff will attempt to contact you, prior to your procedure, to answer any questions you may have, and review your medical history with you.